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Hazel Loucks

McKendree University

Dr. Loucks is currently an Associate Professor for McKendree University as well as a private education consultant and workshop presenter across the state and nationally. She most recently authored the Leaders for Tomorrow materials for the National Labor College, the ESPQ Mentoring and Leadership Training manuals for the NEA. She has produced several educational videos for IASA. She has authored many other educational materials on teacher induction, assessment, workforce education, integrating students with disabilities in the classroom, and a book Reengaging Families in the Education of Middle School Children for the National Middle School Association.

Dr. Loucks served as Illinois Deputy Governor for Education and Workforce from 1999-2003, worked as a No Child Left Behind Specialist, served as a school improvement specialist in the Virgin Islands, as well as working as a professor at SIUC, a school principal, a counselor, and classroom teacher.

Dr. Loucks has a PhD in education administration from Saint Louis University, a Master of Arts in personnel in higher education from The Ohio State University and a Bachelor of Science in education from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She has also been awarded honorary doctorates from Quincy University and St. Francis University.