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Sarah DeWolfe

School of Social Work- 2nd Year MSW

Denise Demers

Hometown: Gurnee, IL
Research Interests:  Social work practice in schools and animal-assisted therapy

Q:  How did you end up at SIU Carbondale and in the School of Social Work?

A: I did my undergraduate work here at SIUC; I have my B.S. in Zoology.  To make a long story short, I felt that social work was something that God was asking me to do, particularly since it is a discipline which serves people.  I originally planned on going to vet school and avoiding people! I was working at a local animal hospital and noticed that I began to be just as much—if not more—interested in the owners who brought their pets in than the pets.  I did some research on animal-assisted therapy, applied to SIUC’s graduate program for social work, was accepted, and the rest is history. Imagine the long version!

Q: What do you like most about the the School of Social Work?
A: I most like the opportunities that the School of Social Work affords its students, particularly in hands-on, real-world experience through internships with social service agencies in the southern Illinois region.

Q: What do you like most about SIU Carbondale and Carbondale?
A: SIUC is like a mini urban island in a rural sea.  It is full of unique, diverse, and friendly people, like a city, but set in the natural beauty of Southern Illinois. I like Carbondale’s go-with-the-flow feel.  I think it might have something to do with so many college students flooding in every fall and leaving every spring.

Q: What are your career objectives and goals?
A:  Future goal #1: Graduate! Future goal #2: Do nothing for two weeks straight after graduation. Future goal #3: Get a job, AKA career relating to one of the two degrees I’ve spent 6½ years on…

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A:  Spare time?  What’s that?  But really, as a graduate student with a full class load, a graduate assistantship, and an internship, there’s not much spare time!  I suppose when I do have spare time, I do all the things I normally don’t have time for…like eat, sleep, and do my laundry.