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Joint MPH/MD Degree

Program Information

The School of Medicine also has this information available here at School of Medicine MPH/MD or you can contact one of the Program Directors listed to the left.

Applicants may apply for a concurrent degree in Medicine and Public Health. Applicants for the Master of Public Health degree must have a 3.00 undergraduate grade point average (A=4.0) to be admitted in good standing. Only graduate level courses taken after a student’s admission to the program will be included automatically in the student’s degree program. “Nondeclared” hours or hours from other degree programs must be petitioned into the program. Courses eligible for inclusion in a degree program must be graduate level and cannot have been applied toward an-other degree. Fall Admissions ONLY.

Requirements for Admission

Besides the current admission criteria, students who are interested in applying to the Concurrent MPH/PhD program must have the following:

  • GPA overall 3.5 as undergraduate or 3.6 masters
  • GRE scores (verbal, quantitative, and analytical scores are averaged at the 75th percentile)
  • Personal interview with faculty (on campus, video conference or telephone)
  • Undergraduate degree in health education (or closely related field) and five years health-related work experience OR a graduate degree in health education (or closely related field) and three years health related work experience
  • Intends to enroll as a full-time graduate student

Concurrent Degree Requirements

For the medical degree, all students must complete all requirements outlined by the School of Medicine.

Fall 1

  • PH 505 Intro to Public Health, 3 hours, SIU-C
  • PH 525 Health Behavior, 3 hours, SIU-C
  • PH 526 Research and Evaluation, 3 hours, SIU-C
  • PH 500 Community Organizing, 3 hours, SIU-C (or take PH 512)
  • (possible) QUAN 402 Basic Statistics, 3 hours, SIU-C

Spring 1

  • PH 532 Public Health Administration, 3 hours, SIU-C
  • PH 583 US Health System, 3 hours, SIU-C
  • PH 593 Epidemiology, 3 hours, SIU-C
  • PH 512 Program Planning, 3 hours, SIU-C (or take HED 500)
  • (possible) QUAN 402 Basic Statistics, 3 hours, SIU-C

Summer 1

  • PH 588 Environmental Health 3 hours, SIU-C
  • PH 598 Grant Writing, 3 hours, SIU-C
  • (possible) QUAN 402 Basic Statistics, 3 hours, SIU-C

Years 2-5 Medical School Curriculum

During year 5, students will take:

  • Selected SOM electives meeting SOM requirements and student desires
  • Public Health Leadership elective
  • Clinical Epidemiology elective
  • Health Policy and Law elective
  • PH 590 Practicum, 6 hours, SIU-SOM field experience with the Illinois Department of Public Health