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PhD Application

All application processes can now be completed on-line. You must complete the Graduate School Application (linked below) which includes the application fee.

In addition to the Graduate School Application (Grad School Application Found Here), you must complete the following:

  • Letter of Application
  • Minimum of 3 references
  • Official Transcripts from all universities/colleges listed on your application form
  • Curriculum Vitae

International Students must also submit the following which must be uploaded with the Graduate School application:

While we currently only allow our PhD students to start the program during the fall and summer semesters. Deadline for applying is February 28th. However, if you're interested in receiving one of our Graduate Assistantship positions, we encourage you to apply as early as possible, as the spots are limited.    


  • The PhD DOES NOT require a GRE or MAT test (however, be aware that if you apply for any various university fellowships that a GRE may be required)
  • Individuals interested in Graduate Assistantships must FIRST be admitted into the PhD program

    Click here for the Graduate Assistantship Application

Because the Health Education Program no longer requires the GRE, students must rely on other items to demonstrate that they are ready, and able, to complete graduate level work. The Graduate Admissions Committee reviews the students' GPA, their transcripts, their essay, and their references. It is vitally important that your references speak to your ability to conduct graduate level work. In most instances, the Graduate Admissions Committee feels it's best to have former faculty members write on your behalf because they are most aware of the demands of graduate school. Friends, co-workers, or employers should be avoided unless absolutely necessary and only if they can demonstrate their understanding of the demands of graduate school. Letters written from friends, co-workers or supervisors are often viewed with lesser esteem by the Graduate Admissions Committee. There are occasional instances where an applicant may have been out of college for decades and there are no faculty at their institution to contact. Under those circumstances it is important to note such situations; however, it's important that your references have a good understanding of the demands of graduate school.