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Recreation Forms

Recreation Graduate Program

This page contains all forms needed for completion of your masters degree. Most forms are fill-able PDF, but may not appear to be depending on your browser.  Consult with your advisor or the Graduate Director should you have any questions.

You will need Adobe Reader to view and fill out the forms.  It can be downloaded for free at the Adobe Reader site.  

Program of Study

This form is currently under revision. 

Committee Form

Use this form to identify who will serve on your masters committee. Be sure to indicate whether the person can 'direct' dissertation or whether they are 'regular' graduate faculty. Those who are adjunct will need a letter from your chair to the departmental graduate director requesting such permission. In addition, this person's vitae needs to accompany the request. To be completed by students doing a Thesis or Non-thesis option.

Oral Defense

Student will complete this form prior to the defense of thesis or alternative paper. Please provide these completed forms to your chair prior to your defense. Note, you may want to have additional copies.

Evaluation Form

(one copy for each committee member) This form is to be prepared prior to the defense of thesis or alternative paper. Include all pertinent information (name, faculty evaluator, date, etc.). Please provide these completed forms to your chair prior to your defense. Chairs--all completed forms should be turned into the Departmental Graduate Director immediately after the defense.

Thesis Approval Form (print on bond paper)
Research Paper Approval Form (print on bond paper)

This form should be prepared ahead of the defense of your thesis or alternative paper and be given to the chair of the committee at the beginning of the defense. This will be placed in the front of the paper after the final changes have been made. The chair of the committee keeps these forms until the final changes are made. NOTE...the alternative forms do NOT need to be sent to the Graduate School.

Graduate School Graduation Form

Student who plan to graduate in a particular semester are required to complete this form and turn it into the graduate school. Note...if graduation does NOT occur in that semester, the application will roll-over to the next semester until graduation requirements have been met.

Timeline: By end of 2nd week of semester