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Recreation Management Specialization

Program Information

Recreation Management provides five different emphases: programming, leadership, administration, management, and facilities. Each emphasis includes additional focused study that enables students to prepare for a career in a specific programmatic or organizational setting.

Upon completion of this degree, the students are given opportunities for employment in a variety of agencies and organizations serving the leisure and recreational needs of people. Below you find an outline of the program curriculum.

REC CORE- 37 hours
REC 300-03 Intro to Recreation
REC 301-3 Leadership in Recreation
REC 302-3 Recreation Program Design & Evaluation
REC 303-3 Inclusive Recreation 
REC 305-1 Pre-Practicum
REC 306-3 Fieldwork 1
REC 307-3 Fieldwork 2
REC 330-3 Outdoor Recreation 
REC 365-3 Recreation Administration
REC 491-12 Internship in Recreation Management

PSYC 102-3 Intro to Psychology
PSYC 323-3 Organizational Psychology
ACCT 220-3 Accounting 1- Financial
ISAT 229-3 Computing for Business Admin
REC 425-3 Planning & Design of Recreation Facilities
REC 465-3 Human Resources in Recreation
REC 466-3 Community Recreation (online)
REC 467-3 Commercial Recreation (online)
REC 468-3 Campus Recreation (online)
Electives- 17 Hours

For any additional information please contact our program coordinator, Tina Colson at

NOTE: To graduate, you must complete a minimum of 60 hours at a senior institution and a total of 120 hours AND apply to graduate by the second week of the semester in which you plan to graduate. 

Certified Park and Recreation Professional

Students graduating from this program can become eligible to sit for the examination to become a Certified Park and Recreation Professional. Click here for more information.