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Southern Illinois University



College of Education and Human Services

John Pingo

PH.D., BCBA-D, Lecturer

John Pingo

Program Affiliation: Behavior Analysis and Therapy


Dr. John Pingo, BCBA-D has over 18 years of experience working with children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Pingo has provided behavioral services in home-based settings, institutional settings, day training programs and community integrated group homes for people with developmental disabilities. Dr. Pingo as extensive experience in administration, and currently serves as the CEO of a not-for-profit organization that provides community living and day training services for people with developmental disabilities. Dr. Pingo earned his Masters in Rehabilitation Services from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and is completing his Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis and Therapy at SIU. Dr. Pingo was an adjunct faculty at Rock Valley Community College before joining the faculty at SIU. Dr. Pingo has given presentations on behavior analysis at the State and national levels and has published papers involving the application of cognitive-behavioral therapy in organizational settings. Dr. Pingo’s research interest include organizational behavior management (OBM), cultural engineering using behavior analysis, applying cognitive-behavioral techniques to help address performance management issues, and applying relational frame theory in programs serving people with developmental disabilities.