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Rehabilitation Administration and Services

The M.S. Degree in Rehabilitation Administration and Services emphasizes professional applied training, and knowledge and skills required to appropriately utilize and evaluate rehabilitation research. Students may opt for the Rehabilitation Administration Concentration, Rehabilitation Services specialty, or a combination of both. The Rehabilitation Administration Concentration is appropriate for those students with significant work experience in rehabilitation, while those without such experience will be more employable with the Rehabilitation Services specialty.


The mission of the Rehabilitation Administration and Services degree is to prepare competent graduates to serve as rehabilitation administrators, managers, and supervisors, as well as service providers in the areas of vocational evaluation, adjustment services, private practice, and job development and placement. Classes and field experiences prepare students to work with populations with disabilities and hold positions such as administrators, directors, program coordinators, supervisors, vocational evaluators, and placement specialists. Additionally, the degree aims to help practitioners fulfill their community and professional responsibilities, improve their skills in research, and remain current in their professional knowledge and skills. Students learn how to talk about rehabilitation programs with various public groups.

Applying for Admission

Apply for admission to the Master of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Administration.

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