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Executive Master's in Rehabilitation Administration Online - M.S.

The Executive Masters in Rehabilitation Administration-Online (EMRA-Online) began at SIU's Rehabilitation Institute in 1974 as the off-campus Concentrated Rehabilitation Training Program (CRTP). The EMRA-Online entails innovative and non-traditional approaches to graduate training in rehabilitation administration, management and supervision. EMRA-Online makes it possible for practitioners in the field to upgrade and expand their skills and expertise via distance education classes. The goal of the program is to develop M.S. graduates who are practical, competent human rehabilitation professionals through its applied and action-oriented curriculum. Efforts are made to relate course content to the professional needs of individuals in the program.

EMRA-Online is especially designed for rehabilitation and allied health professionals pursuing a master's degree in administration. For admission to the program, applicants must have a bachelor's degree and be able to meet the admissions requirements for the SIU Graduate School and the Rehabilitation Administration (RA) program. Applicants with a minimum of 2 years experience may apply for the 33 credit-hour Executive in Rehabilitation Program. Alternately, professionals who opt not to pursue a graduate degree may take 5 classes to obtain a Certificate in Rehabilitation Administration. Certificate courses include Rehabilitation Administration, Program Evaluation, Development and Supervision of Rehabilitation Employees, Rehabilitation Leadership and Advanced Fiscal Management. All courses are affordably offered as distance education (online) and can easily be fit into an existing work schedule.

The EMRA-Online is approved by the North Central Association's Higher Learning Commission.

All students must complete a minimum of 33 semester/credit hours of graduate course work, which includes a research paper/project:

Rehabilitation Core (9 hours)

REHB 513 (3) Med Aspects
REHB 593 (3) Research Class
REHB 593 (3) Research Paper

Administration Concentration (24 hours)

QEM 535 (3) Service Quality
REHB 570 (3) Rehab Administration
REHB 573 (3) Program, Budgeting
REHB 576 (3) Development and Supervision of Rehabilitation Employees
REHB 578 (3) Program Evaluation
REHB 579 (3) Advanced Fiscal Mgmt
REHB 580 (3) Prof & Comm Relations (Marketing)
REHB 581 (3) Professional Issues

EMRA online course schedule

EMRA online course descriptions

For further information on the EMRA-Online program, send an e-mail to iruark@siu.edu or call Ian Ruark at 618-453-8268.

Instructions on the application process: