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General Requirements

Preference in admissions to the Administration concentration will be given to applicants having no fewer than 2 years of approved, acceptable rehabilitation or related work experience. All students must complete a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate course work, which includes a research paper or thesis. Students applying for RA&S admission, but not meeting the professional experience criterion, may be considered for admission. If admitted, students will be required to complete a fulltime internship (6 semester hours). During the first semester of full-time study, or a comparable time for part time students, the student must have a plan of study approved by the advisor and program coordinator. This plan of study normally includes rehabilitation administration core and professional course work, although specific plans may differ for students with varying backgrounds and career goals. 

Rehabilition Core (12-13 hours) 

REHB 513-3/4 Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
REHB 519-3 Multicultural Counseling in Rehabilitation
REHB 593-3 Research in Rehabilitation OR REHB 599-3 Thesis
REHB 593A-3 Research in Rehabilitation Counselingn

Professional Coursework

The student must complete a series of courses approved by her or his faculty advisor and the degree program coordinator. This series of courses will normally consist of the Rehabilitation Administration concentration. Students without 2 years of appropriate experience will be expected to take the Rehabilitation Services sequence and an approved internship. Students may opt for either the Administration or Services program sequence as part of their Plan of Study. 

Rehabilitation Administration Concentration (24 hours) 

QEM 535-3 Service Quality
REHB 570-3 Rehabilitation Administration
REHB 573-3 Programming, Budgeting and Community Resources
REHB 576-3 Development and Supervision of Rehabilitation Employees
REHB 578-3 Program Evaluation in Rehabilitation
REHB 579-3 Advanced Fiscal Management
REHB 580-3 Professional and Community Relations in Rehabilitation
REHB 581-3 Professional Issues in Rehabilitation 

Rehabilitation Services Concentration (16 hours) 

REHB 521-3 Vocational Development and Placement
REHB 530-3 Assessment Procedures in Rehabilitation Counseling
REHB 575-4 Case Management in Rehabilitation Counseling
(These three may be taken in lieu of REHB 573, REHB 578, REHB 579)
REHB 595A-6 Internship in Rehabilitation