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Behavior Analysis and Therapy

Behavior analysis is a science that studies and manipulates the environment to positively change the behaviors individuals do on an everyday basis. Behavior analysis can be utilized with a variety of population from typical neurological functioning humans to atypical neurologically functioning humans, young children and aging adults, to invertebrates, or common household pets, and even at risk populations like individuals with Autism. Many different career paths and areas of research are available for those interesting in becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, but they are all start with earning this degree.

Degree Options

Careers in Behavior Analysis and Therapy

  • Work with adults and children with autism and other developmental disabilities. In this capacity you can to teach individuals how to communicate, interact with others, succeed in school, and live independently.
  • Consult with businesses to help improve employee performance and safety or create a higher quality work environment.
  • Work with the elderly in nursing homes.
  • Work with individuals with socio/emotional disorders, anxiety, addictions, and brain injuries.
  • Work in a variety of settings such as schools, homes, clinics, community integrated living arrangements, day treatment centers, and child and family welfare agencies.
  • Work with animals as a trainer at theme parks or zoos or consult with individuals to train household pets.
  • Teach courses at a college or university.