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Online Certificate

The online certificate course sequence is designed to supplement individuals seeking Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA) credentials who already hold a master’s degree or higher in an approved field of study per the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB). This course sequence is a total of 18-credit hours, and is completed entirely online. Individuals will be responsible for obtaining their appropriate Experience Standards that meet the BACB requirements.

Required Courses*

  • BAT 503 (3) - Basic Behavior Analysis
  • BAT 507 (3) - Behavioral Consultation and Management
  • BAT 509A (3) - Behavior Analysis Research Designs: Single-Subject Experimental Designs
  • BAT 512 (3) - Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavior Analysis
  • BAT 535 (3) - Behavioral Observation Methods
  • REHB 589 (3) - Professional Seminar in Rehabilitation (ABA Applications)
  • REHB 589 (3) - Professional Seminar in Rehabilitation (Behaviorism)

*Before being granted access to register for classes for the each term, students will need to contact the department to arrange override access.

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