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Graduate Student Funding

Graduate Assistantships (on campus students only)

Currently, 90% of our students enrolled receive tuition funding through grants our department’s faculty maintains, and is able to provide research opportunities. Our program also provides a variety of quality, intensive, hands-on training experiences for students at local schools and agencies. Graduate Assistantships cover tuition fees (this means all of our students who receive a graduate assistantship pay $0 for tuition), employ the student while they’re studying, and provide the student with a monthly stipend. Students are responsible for covering their cost of fees, housing, and books.

Financial Aid

SIU has a multitude of options for financial assistance.

If necessary, students should file their free application for federal student aid (FAFSA). For more information about financial aid, visit  SIU’s Financial Aid Department.

There are also funding options through non-departmental Graduate Assistantships.

Departmental Scholarships