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Communication Disorders and Sciences

Leveling Program thumbnail - Click to view PDFThe master’s program in Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS) prepares you to become a nationally certified speech-language pathologist. A speech-language pathologist is a professional specializing in the prevention, identification, and treatment of communication disorders.

Speech-language pathologists are employed in a variety of settings including schools, hospitals, and private practice. The CDS program at SIU Carbondale is accredited by the Council of Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA), part of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA).

Beginning in 2023, the master’s program will be a six-semester program, and it will transition to begin in the Summer term. The Master of Science program in Communication Disorders and Sciences ranges from 63-66 credit hours. The first Summer Semester will enable students to start earning clinical hours and complete a Research Methods in Communication Disorders course. We promote collaboration between our faculty and students throughout clinical, research, and mentorship experiences.

The Master of Science program in Communication Disorders and Sciences at SIUC is currently ranked #109 among speech-language pathology graduate programs. Our students excel at passing the Praxis exam, a national exam necessary for ASHA certification. Our students have 100% job placement in the field within one year of graduation.

How to become a CDS graduate student (application process):

Requirements, forms, and due dates

(A) SIUC Graduate School Application. You must complete this application online (Apply Yourself) which can be accessed through the Graduate School website. Admission is contingent on Graduate School approval. International undergraduate transcripts will be evaluated by university admissions. Only four links necessary to complete Graduate School Application: Personal Data, Program Information, Previous Colleges, and Public Safety Questions. Not necessary to upload resume, letters of recommendation, transcripts for Graduate School Application. If you wish to be considered for a graduate assistantship, access Admissions link and follow instructions on the Application for Graduate Assistantship form. The SIUC CDS program admits graduate students once a year. If the date falls on a weekend then the due date is the following Monday.

Due Date: Applications for Fall admission are due to CSDCAS and the SIUC Graduate School on February 1st.

Prerequisites: Completion of bachelor's degree. Applicants who have not completed the typical undergraduate CDS course work may contact the program for more information about completing the prerequisite courses before applying to the program.

Mailing address for CDS Graduate Program: SIUC, Rehabilitation Institute - Mailcode 4609, Rehn Hall, Rm 308, 1025 Lincoln Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901. If questions, you may contact the CDS Program Coordinator.

(B) SIUC CSDCAS Application. In addition to the Graduate School Application, you must also complete a CSDCAS application. You are directed to the CSDCAS website at CSDCAS website. The deadline for application to the SIUC graduate program is February 1st. Please read the instructions and FAQs provided at the CSDCAS website carefully.

(C) Application fee. Please pay the $65 Application Fee on the Apply Yourself site for the SIUC Graduate School Application by credit card only. If an applicant wishes to request a fee waiver, please contact the CDS Graduate Program directly.
Applicants should follow the instructions on the CSDCAS website regarding a separate application fee to CSDCAS. Applicants interested in applying for a fee waiver through CSDCAS should carefully read the instructions for fee waivers provided on the CSDCAS website.

(D) Minimum 2.7 GPA on a 4.0 scale for the previous 45 or 60 semester credit hours.

(E) The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is optional for admission in the CDS Master of Science program. Students should submit scores directly to CSDCAS by selecting the GRE Code 0038 for SIU Carbondale.

(F) Letters of recommendation/reference – will be uploaded directly to CSDCAS. Follow CSDCAS instructions on inputting contact information for those who will provide letters of recommendation for you.

(G) Additional information- will be uploaded directly to CSDCAS. Follow CSDCAS instructions.

Suggestions and Notes for Applicants:

  • Applications that are incomplete as of the due date may not be considered.
  • The Admissions Committee is influenced in a positive direction by:
    a. Evidence of volunteer, shadowing, or paid experience if those experiences involved persons with communication disorders or other disorders.

b. Applicants who have engaged in professional extra-curricular activities, such as pre-professional organizations (e.g. NSSHLA).

c. Professionally recognized products such as a conference presentation, a research presentation, an article in a peer-reviewed journal, or a grant application.

d. Something professional in nature that you do that indicates to the panel that you are self-motivated, not just meeting standard academic requirements. These experiences usually result in applicants developing more contact with particular faculty, which they may then use as a strong reference.

  • The Admissions Committee does not expect perfection in all areas, but to only consistently meet, rather than exceed - requirements may not make one stand out above other applicants.
  • Requests for financial assistance will not alter an applicant's chances for admittance.
  • Several rounds of selection may occur, so applicants who are not selected in an earlier round may be selected later; they should not give up or drop out.

How much will it cost (graduate tuition and fees, financial aid, graduate assistantships, scholarships)?

You can view Graduate tuition and fees here

Graduate Financial Assistance

SIUC has many varieties of financial assistance available to students:

Financial Aid

The SIUC Financial Aid Office is available for all students to discuss their financial situations and to help in determining qualifications for grants, loans, scholarships, federal work-study, and regular student employment. See

Below is a list of graduate assistantship sources at SIUC that are often available to our students:

  • Morris Library. This is the main campus library. Contact the Morris Library Personnel Director at 618-453-2681.
  • Disability Support Services. An office on campus that provides a variety of services to students with disabilities. Phone: 618-453-5738.
  • Evaluation and Developmental Center (EDC). A program that is connected with the Rehabilitation Institute. Phone: 618-453-2331.
  • Achieve Program. A program that provides services to SIUC students with learning disabilities. Phone: 618-453-2595.
  • Student Recreation Center. The hours of operation for the SIUC Intramural-Recreational Sports Administrative Office are Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm. No appointment is necessary. Phone: 618-536-5531.
    Web site


The State of Illinois is currently funding several scholarship programs available to speech-language pathology majors:

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