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Clinical Program

The clinical program is that part of the CDS program in which students learn how to provide professional speech-language pathology services to people who have communication disorders.

Clinical supervision in the SIUC Clinical Center and the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders is provided by CDS faculty.   Internship and student-teaching supervision is provided by affiliated practitioners.  All supervisors are licensed in the state in which they practice, and are ASHA certified.

The Clinical Center

The SIUC Clinical Center, located in Wham 141, was established in 1958. The Clinical Center serves as a training and research site for various campus departments that train professionals for work in health-care and educational services. The Clinical Center provides a range of speech-language services to pediatric and adult clients. 

The Clinical Center is open to the SIUC community as well as the general public. Services are provided regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or differential abilities.

Services are provided by graduate clinicians-in-training who are supervised by CDS faculty.

Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders

CDS graduate students may rotate into specialized training in the SIUC Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders. This semester-long rotation may be by request or assignment, and affords the student an experience dedicated to working with children with autism.


The last two semesters of the CDS clinical program students are completing full-time internships and/or student-teaching experiences. These internships/student-teaching assignments offer real-life experiences in schools and health care settings, allowing students engage in a higher level of clinical practice. One internship must be primarily adult; the other primarily pediatric. If a student's program of study includes the requirements for the Illinois Professional Educator License with School Support Personnel Endorsement, then the pediatric internship will take place in a public school, to fulfill the State requirement for student-teaching.

The CDS program has many established affiliated internship and student-teaching sites across the country. With prior approval of the Internship Coordinator, students may request a site where none currently exists.