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Courses required to complete a master's degree in CDS:

The first three-digit number is the course number, which is followed by a dash then a single digit, which is the number of semester credit hours.

CDS 485.001-3 Special Topics: Central Auditory Processing. Language disorders due to processing impairments at the level of the brain.

CDS 485.002-3 Special Topics: Medical Speech-Language Pathology. The focus of this course is on those disorders that commonly occur in medical/health care settings. Disorders include laryngectomy, tracheostomy and dysphagia (swallowing disorders).

CDS 485.401-3 Counseling Interventions in Communication Disorders. Focuses on those interventions that emphasize counseling of clients and significant others when clients have communication disorders.

CDS 500-3 Research Design in Speech Pathology and Audiology. Evaluation of the strategies and procedural tactics of behavioral research.

CDS 505-3 Phonological Acquisition. A course on linguistic, physiological and acoustic variables which affect language production at the segmental and supra-segmental level of language, as well as phonetic (speech sound) production assessment and intervention.

CDS 507-3 Language Disorders. Discussion of disorders involving semantics, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics, especially diagnostic and therapeutic models applicable to language disorders.

CDS 510-3 Stuttering: Behavior Assessment and Therapy. Explores the assumptions underlying diagnosis and assessment. Procedures specific to the differential assessment of fluency are examined, evaluated and related to therapeutic strategies and the tactics of behavior change.

CDS 512-3 Voice Disorders. An intensive study of the voice impairments that result from impaired structures and function of head and neck.

CDS 517-3 Seminar: Language Disorders Birth to Three. Methods of identifying children from birth to 36 months who have communication disorders or are at-risk for developing disorders.

CDS 540-3 Neurogenic Disorders of Communication I. Focus on aphasia and neurolinguistic science, including the related disorders of dementia and right hemisphere pathologies. Clinical aspects will focus on assessment and treatment of aphasia and related disorders.

CDS 541-3 Neurogenic Disorders of Communication II. Focus on the role of the pyramidal and extrapyramidal motor systems in speech production and speech disorders related to abnormalities in these motor systems. Discussion of the neurological basis and clinical management of the dysarthrias and verbal apraxia.

CDS 593-1 to 3 Research Problems in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. Individual work on selected problems for research.

CDS 594-1 to 18 (1 to 3 per semester) Advanced Clinical Practice Therapy/SLP. Active, supervised participation in the clinical process with emphasis on individualized assessment, treatment, counseling and documentation procedures. Overview of clinical practice in various settings, federal legislation and standards of ethical practice.

CDS 595-3 Clinic Seminar. Taken concurrently with CDS 594. Topics differ each semester and are related to clinical practice, including those necessary for successful completion of advanced clinical practicum, internship/student-teaching, clinical fellowship and professional credentialing.  Fulfills the reading instruction requirement for the Illinois Professional Educator License for speech-language pathologists.  Partially fulfills the requirements for ASHA certification.

CDS 596-1 Advanced Clinical Practice: Hearing Diagnostics. Advanced clinical practice in hearing diagnostics. Emphasis will be placed on diagnostic techniques used in the preparation of basic and advanced audiological reports.

CDS 597-12 Public School Practicum. Public School internship provides the student with clinical experience under the supervision of a school-based certified speech-language pathologist. The student should receive experience with the disorders of fluency, articulation, voice, and language.

CDS 598-6 to 12 Internship in Communication Disorders. Internship in a selected medical center, hospital clinic, community agency, or private clinic. The internship provides the student with an intensive, professional, clinical experience under supervision of qualified and certified resident staff members.