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General Requirements

The Master of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling consists of a minimum of 51 semester hours and involves a blend of academic, research and clinical experiences. Of these 51 hours, 39 hours must be taken after admission. In addition to course work, students must complete one semester of clinical practicum, one semester of clinical internship, and complete a research requirement. Before graduation students must take the CRC national examination. The required program of study is:

REHB 400 (3) Introduction to Rehabilitation
REHB 501 (3) Interpersonal Communication Skills in Rehabilitation
REHB 513 (4) Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
REHB 519 (3) Multicultural Counseling in Rehabilitation
REHB 521 (3) Vocational Development and Placement
REHB 530 (3) Assessment Procedures in Rehabilitation Counseling
REHB 551 (4) Rehabilitation Counseling: Theories and Practice
REHB 575 (4) Case Management in Rehabilitation Counseling
REHB 589 (1) Professional Seminar in Rehabilitation (Pre-Practicum)
REHB 593 (4) Research in Rehabilitation (Research Paper)
REHB 593A (4) Research in Rehabilitation (Research Class)
REHB 594C (4) Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling
REHB 595B (8) Internship in Rehabilitation Counseling

Students must also take at least 7 semester hours of electives. In addition to the required course of study for rehabilitation counseling, students may choose to specialize in a particular area by taking additional elective courses. Areas of specialization offered are designed in accordance with student interest and these include addiction studies, aging studies, brain injury rehabilitation, and private rehabilitation. Other specializations can be developed in collaboration with faculty.

For more information on courses please see the Graduate Catalog .