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Rehabilitation Counseling and Administration Student Objectives

The Rehabilitation Counseling and Administration Program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is designed to:

  1. Prepare qualified rehabilitation counselors and administrators to enter the rehabilitation professions in public and private rehabilitation settings.
  2. Prepare graduates who are competent and knowledgeable in the areas of rehabilitation counseling, rehabilitation administration, assessment and evaluation, vocational and career development, research, case and caseload management, medical and psychosocial aspects of disability, and job development and placement as their particular profession requires. Rehabilitation counseling preparation will include at least 48 semester hours of coursework, including a 128-hour practicum (16 weeks times 8 hours per week) and a 640-hour internship (16 weeks times 40 hours per week). Rehabilitation administration preparation will include a minimum of 33 semester hours of coursework and may include additional course and field work.
  3. Prepare graduates with awareness and sensitivity to the unique needs of individuals with disability and to the needs of minority population members who have disabilities.
  4. Prepare graduates who have demonstrated competence in the application of research knowledge to rehabilitation issues, as evidenced by successful completion of a master's research paper or thesis or through demonstrating competence through successful completion of the research class for rehabilitation counselors.
  5. Prepare graduates who are knowledgeable, concerning the importance of professional advocacy, and are capable of being advocates for individuals with disabilities.
  6. Encourage graduates to participate in community service and professional functions, including membership in professional organizations, such as the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association, the National Rehabilitation Counseling Association, National Rehabilitation Association, National Association of Rehabilitation Leadership, and regional and state organizations related to those associations.
  7. Prepare graduates who understand and act in a manner consistent with the Code of Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors.