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Program Outcomes

Rehabilitation Counseling and Administration Annual Program Outcomes Report


In accordance with the Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) Standard A.5 please find the following information regarding the Rehabilitation Counseling program:  

(1) Student retention rate to include the number of students who enroll and graduate each year for a three-year period  

    a. Academic Year 2012-2013

        i. Enrolled: 50

        ii. Graduated: 16

    b. Academic Year 2013 – 2014

        i. Enrolled: 41

        ii. Graduated: 16

    c. Academic Year 2014 – 2015

        i. Enrolled: 28

        ii. Graduated: 10

    d. Academic Year 2015- 2016 

        i. Enrolled: 32

        ii. Graduated: 

(2) Average time necessary to complete the program

    a. On average the active, full-time student, completes the program within 5.3 semesters (9 hours per semester/48 credit hours).  

(3) Estimated cost of program attendance

    a. A student in the Fall 2015 semester at SIU, in the graduate program would have paid $5,453.37 for tuition and fees for 9 credit hours (full time).  

    b. SIUC provides a “Tuition and Fee Calculator” on our website

(4) Available scholarships;  

    a. Scholarships, Fellowships, Assistantships and Traineeships are available for students interested in financial assistance with graduate school expenses. These are offered at the university, college and department level. Scholarships, Fellowships, Assistantships and Traineeships are highly competitive; students attempt to secure assistance as early as possible the semester before enrollment.  

    b. Information regarding the university scholarships can be found on the SIU Graduate School Financial Aid website:  

        i. SIU Graduate School Fellowships:

        ii. SIU Graduate School Scholarships:

        iii. SIU Graduate Assistantship Job Postings:

    c. College of Education and Human Services as well as Rehabilitation Institute Scholarship information and application can be found at the SIU Academics Works and COEHS websites:

    d. The Rehabilitation Institute has had Rehabilitation Services Administrative (RSA) traineeships and Graduate Assistantships through our Services Agencies (i.e., Evaluation and Development Center – EDC).  

(5) Employment rate of graduates within the first 6 months following graduation

    a. Over the course of the last 4 months, approximately 80% of our graduates are employed. Over the course of the last year 85% are gainfully employed in the field of Rehabilitation Counseling.   

(6) Employment settings where graduates work

    a. Graduates of the program have worked in the following areas:

        i. State-Federal Vocational Rehabilitation

        ii. Private for Profit Rehabilitation Agencies

        iii. Mental Health and/or Community Counseling Agencies

        iv. Private Practice

        v. School System – Transitions

        vi. Veterans Administration  

(7) Eligibility for licensure by program graduates

    a. In the state of IL, licensure can be obtained through the completion of the 48 hour CORE program, the passing of the CRC or NCC exam and two years of supervised counseling.

    b. In states surrounding IL (i.e., KY, MO, IN), licensure can be obtained if a student completes and addition 12 hours of study for a total of 60 credit hours, passing the NCC exam and two years of supervised counseling. Students can consult with the program Coordinator or their Academic Advisor for further information.  

(8) Passing rates for a comprehensive measure of student learning (CRC exam or a combination of assessments such as a comprehensive exam or portfolio) the program uses to assess student learning across all CORE knowledge domains covered in the standards.  

    a. The RCA program in the Rehabilitation Institute requires all Rehabilitation Counseling students sit for the Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC) exam. This exam is used as the program’s comprehensive exam to assure that students are assessed across all CORE knowledge domains.  

    b. In the past calendar year (2015) 10 of 10 students took the CRC with 7 passing (70%).