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Upon admission to the Ph.D. program, students will be assigned an Academic Advisor. Typically, this individual will also serve as the student's Dissertation Chairperson. Within the first semester of study, the advisor will assist the student in the formulation of a tentative Program of Study. This program/plan of study will be used in helping the student determine what courses to take during which semesters, and the appropriate times to take preliminary examinations. The Program of Study is then to be reviewed and signed by the RCA Coordinator and/or the Director of the Rehabilitation Institute. Changes may be made at any time by the student in consultation with the advisor, and then reviewed by the RCA Coordinator.

For a copy of the current Advisement Packet for the PhD in Rehabilitation program with a specialty in Rehabilitation Counseling or Rehabilitation Administration, click here.

For advisement on application procedures, or to check on any paperwork sent to the program, contact Ian Ruark,

For questions about admissions, requirements, graduation, and so on, contact Professor William Crimando, the RCA Coordinator, at

For other advisement, contact faculty as listed below:

Or you may call the main Institute switchboard at 618 536-7704.