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BAT PHD Application

Please read this page thoroughly before beginning the application process. This page contains all of the information and forms you will need to complete your application to our program.

To avoid delays in processing your application make sure your application is complete before it is sent. Applications will not be reviewed until all materials are received.

Important things to consider about the BAT PhD program before you apply:

1. This is an On-Campus program. You must plan on living and completing your experiences for the doctoral program near SIUC for the duration of the 3-year program (or 5 years if do you not have a Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis).

2. Be sure to contact a potential faculty advisor to determine whether he or she is accepting doctoral students for the year you are applying. It is important to also make sure that that individual's interests coincide with your own.

3. You can apply with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. If you do not have Master’s degree in behavior analysis you will be required to complete a Master’s Degree in Behavior Analysis and Therapy and become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. In this case the duration of the program will be approximately 5 years.

4. The primary focus of the degree will be research, with the capstone project being a Dissertation. There are many different human service agencies with whom we work and many different opportunities for research, including basic operant work.

Please Note Application Deadline

Fall 202 Semester: FEBRUARY 1, 2022

Late applicants may be reviewed at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.


1. Apply here: When prompted, please select: Program: Psychology; Degree: PhD; Area of Interest: Behavior Analysis & Therapy.

2. Application Fee of $65 payable to SIU Carbondale, payable in the online application.

3. The names and email addresses of three or more people who will write letters of recommendation for you. They will be contacted directly by the university.

4. Unofficial Transcripts from all Colleges and Universities attended. If you are chosen for admission, you will then be prompted by the university to provide official transcripts from all.

5. General GRE Scores. GRE scores submitted should be dated back no further than 5 years. These may also be scanned and uploaded along with your application. The Institution Code for Southern Illinois University Carbondale is R1726.

6. A personal statement and a statement about the role of research in rehabilitation are required and can be uploaded on the application or sent directly to the department.

7. TOEFL scores. (International Students Only.)

8. Copy of your passport’s identification page. (International Students Only.)

9“Financial Statement for Graduate International Students.” (International Students Only.)

10. Additionally there is a supplemental application form in the online application process. Make sure you view the supplemental application.