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Additional Program Information

Program mission:

The Behavior Analysis and Therapy Program is devoted to the empirically-based development and application of learning principles to a wide variety of human needs that arises from developmental, psychological, social, or medical disabilities. The graduate of the program is prepared to assess the needs of individuals, to assist those individuals to acquire skills to maximize their capabilities, to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, and to teach other service providers techniques for assessment, training, and evaluation.

Program objectives:

  1. Focus on practical experiences. Students are required to complete a 9/hr a week practical supervision experience for one semester.
  2. Focus on research. Student are encouraged to enroll in a 9/hr a week individual research experience for one semester to assist with faculty research projects.
  3. Program breadth. Students have the opportunity to obtain a variety of experiences in the areas of intellectual disabilities, gambling, mental health, child behavior, parent-child relations, behavioral medicine, community and consumer issues, and the working work.

Program Organization within Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale includes eight colleges and two schools. The Behavior Analysis and Therapy program resides in the Rehabilitation Institute, which is a part of the College of Education and Human Services. One faculty member serves as the program coordinator for the behavior analysis degree programs. This faculty member reports to the director of the Rehabilitation Institute, who also oversees two other programs in the institute (Rehabilitation Counseling and Communication Disorders and Sciences. The Director then reports to the Dean of the college.

Admission, retention, financial obligations, and disciplinary procedures

Interested students should apply to the university, and indicate interest in the BAT major.

Additional information is available using the following links.

Program funding and support from University

All funding is allocated from central administration to the various colleges that make up the SIU Carbondale campus. From there funds are distributed to the 8 departments that make up the college where the BAT program is housed. Within our department, three additional programs provide input to the department head regarding the needs of the BAT program. Graduate student assistantships may be funded by the department and the college through grants and contracts.