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Service Programs

Evaluation and Developmental Center (EDC)

The Evaluation and Developmental Center is a Rehabilitation Institute direct service vocational rehabilitation program assisting the state of Illinois Division of Rehabilitation Services with vocational and transitional services for their customers that helps lead to successful employment. The Evaluation and Developmental Center also serves as a training site for the Rehabilitation Institute's degree programs including the Rehabilitation Services bachelor's program, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Rehabilitation Administration and Services master's programs and Rehabilitation Counseling and Administration doctoral program.

Project 12 Ways

Project 12-Ways is part of the Behavior Analysis & Therapy Program and offers a range of services to families in 11 Southern Illinois counties. Its primary focus is to teach children and their parents the skills necessary to get along without abuse and neglect. The guiding philosophy of Project 12-Ways is that family problems can be eased by eliminating stress-producing factors such as unemployment and by teaching parents effective child-rearing skills. It is funded through grants from the Illinois Dept. of Family and Children’s Services and the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders is housed in the Rehabilitation Institute in the School of Education. The center’s mission is to provide exemplary professional development opportunities for undergraduates and graduate students on the SIUC campus who have career interests in autism. The center is currently served by faculty and a number of students in the Behavior Analysis and Therapy programs (undergraduate, graduate), Communication Disorders and Sciences (undergraduate, graduate), and Clinical Psychology. The Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders is committed to serving as a vehicle for student and faculty research into the assessment, diagnosis, intervention, and best practices in service delivery for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, as well as their family and other caregivers.

Employability Development Program

The Employability Development Program provides vocational rehabilitation training and support to correctional system inmates nearing release and on parole from the correctional system. Services include job development and placement, work skills training and vocational counseling.

The program is funded through the Illinois Department of Human Services and Title XX Donated Funds Initiative.

The Clinical Center

The SIUC Clinical Center serves as a service delivery site and training site for students enrolled in the master’s program in Communication Disorders and Sciences. Services include audiology screening, speech screening and assessment and speech therapy.