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Behavior Analysis and Therapy

Bachelor of Science program in behavior analysis and therapy (BAT)SIU’s Bachelor of Science program in behavior analysis and therapy offers a degree that is in demand and the opportunity to help people in need.  

The Rehabilitation Institute at Southern Illinois University is proud to offer an undergraduate bachelors degree in Behavior Analysis and Therapy (BAT). This comprehensive degree program is designed to train students to become Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs), or advance onward towards graduate training to eventually become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

Important Program Features

At SIU, the BAT undergraduate program is compromised of a wide variety of coursework and real-life field experiences. A very rare combination of opportunities exist here at SIU, where the student will be able to practice the behavioral techniques learned in the classroom in actual clinical settings. Students will have access to diverse populations of clients ranging from children with autism, adults with brain injury, and elderly persons suffering from dementia. Beyond those clinical populations, students have opportunities to participate in animal laboratories, a gambling casino research installation, and business and industries in the local communities.

Program Outcomes for Majors

Graduating students easily find employment locally, regionally, and across the globe. Many work in the field of autism service delivery, brain injury rehabilitation, and mental health services. Job placement success is 100%, given the quality of our program, the graduate, and the job market for bachelors level behavior analysts. Approximately 75% of all students continue onward towards masters and/or doctoral programs in behavior analysis, leading to even more eventual employment options.

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