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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I receive credit for my previous work experience?

Yes. You may be eligible to receive 3 hours of course credit in REHB 494 for previous work experience in the field of rehabilitation if you meet specific criteria. These credit hours are elective hours and may not be substituted for required REHB courses.

What is the Capstone option?

The Capstone Option is designed for students who have earned or will earn the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree. Often those student find that they have to spend more than two additional years (60 semester hours) to earn a bachelor's degree. The Capstone Option has been developed to eliminate that obstacle. For more information about this, ask your academic advisor.

Are any scholarships available?

John C. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship Award recognizes and supports outstanding Rehabilitation Services undergraduate students who are motivated and concerned about making improvements in services for persons with disabilities.  This award is usually announced at the end of the fall semester or the beginning of the spring semester.  Information about the award will be posted on the undergraduate bulletin board and announced in class.

Criteria include:

  1. Must be admitted into the RS major.
  2. Must have completed 20 hours in RS (required and elective REHB courses count).
  3. Must be currently enrolled.
  4. Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the major.

To apply, you must submit a letter stating that you are applying for the scholarship. Your application packet must also include:  a separate personal statement explaining why you selected the rehabilitation profession and three letters of recommendation. Two of the letters must be from faculty members.

Students who receive this award are recognized at the College of Education and Human Services Honors Day and the Guy A. Renzaglia Lecture.

Is any other type of financial aid available?

SIUC offers a wide variety of employment positions on campus for students who need to maintain an income while attending school. In addition, various types of financial aid may be available for eligible students. For more information contact: Financial Aid, SIU Carbondale IL 62901-4702, 618-453-4334. 

Does the program have an active student group?

Yes. Students Together Advocating Rehabilitation Services (STARS) is one of 450 registered student organizations on campus. The organization is for undergraduate students in the Rehabilitation Services program. STARS provides a variety of educational, service, and social activities during the academic year.

Will I be prepared to go to graduate school after I get my BS degree?

Yes, many graduates of the RS program enter master's programs in rehabilitation or a related field such as social work, therapeutic recreation, or education psychology to name a few. If you are considering graduate work in rehabilitation, the Rehabilitation Institute offers several programs that might be of interest to you. They are:

Are there services on campus for students with disabilities?

The SIUC campus and surrounding community are accessible to people with disabilities. The campus provides adapted housing, full academic and programmatic access, computers, and individualized services for people and their equipment. For more information contact Disability Support Services 618-453-5738 or TDD 618-453-2293 or .