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STARS Student Organization

Students Together Advocating for Rehabilitation Services (STARS)

What is STARS?

STARS stands for Students Together Advocating for Rehabilitation Services. STARS is a student-run organization that performs a number of activities on the SIUC campus and the southern Illinois community aimed at improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and raising awareness for disability in society. Participation in STARS is open to any SIUC undergraduate student who has an interest in participating.

What does STARS do?

STARS has promoted and been involved in such activities as the Annual Alzheimer's Walk for Alzheimer's research, the Polar Plunge held annually at Rend Lake to raise funds for the Special Olympics, and arranging educational programs on disabilities around campus. STARS also provides opportunities for students to become familiar with local human service agencies by arranging tours of area community rehabilitation facilities.

Why join STARS?

Not only does STARS benefit the rehabilitation profession by raising awareness for persons with disability on campus and in the community, STARS provides students with opportunities for leadership positions. Students are voted into such leadership positions as president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Thus, the opportunities to grow as a leader while benefiting the larger SIUC community are enormous -- moreover, STARS is FUN!