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Continuing Registration Requirement

Students who have registered for the maximum number of dissertation credit hours (24) required for the doctoral degree, but have not finished their degree program, and are in the process of completing their dissertations, must register for continuing enrollment credit (one credit hour per semester). In addition, students in a graduate program but not enrolled in 601 by the first week of the fall or the spring semester will automatically be registered in and charged tuition for 1 hour of 601. This hour will be dropped if the student subsequently enrolls in a class that semester or is granted a leave of absence by his/her graduate program by the 8th week of the semester. See the Graduate School 601 Enrollment Policy HERE.

This course is offered by each concentration (i.e., COUN 601, CI 601, EAHE 601, HED 601, QUAN 601, SPED 601, WED 601). Concurrent registration in any other course is not permitted.

Students registering for continuing enrollment credit are assessed only tuition and the Student Center Fee for credit hours associated with registration. Since no other student fees are assessed, students taking continuing enrollment credits are not eligible for the benefits of any other programs, such as the Recreation Center, Health Service and Student Medical Benefits, and the Students' Attorney Program. Students who need the benefits requiring fees must register for additional dissertation hours, instead of continuing enrollment credits.