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The Illinois School Code specifies that a school social worker must have earned a Masters of Social Work degree from an accredited university program that has been approved by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) as having met the criteria for preparing students for Professional Educator’s License: Endorsement in School Social Work. The candidate for certification must pass the test of academic proficiency (TAP), formerly the Basic Skills Test.  This test is required of all certified teaching staff as well as the specialized test over school social work knowledge and performance standards.  The TAP is scored as four independent subtests in which you must achieve a scaled score of 240 or higher (Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Mathematics, and Writing).  Information on the state requirements for educator licensure.

Each university program develops its own curriculum and field experiences to meet the ISBE expectations. At the Carbondale campus of Southern Illinois University, students seeking the recommendation for school social work endorsement must successfully complete the core MSW program requirements plus the following courses:

1. EAHE 501 or EAHE 503 education administration issues 
2. SPED 408 and SPED 420 or special education terms, laws, services
3. SOCW 533 Social work Practice in the Schools
4. SOCW 567 Advanced School Social Work Issues
5. SOCW 543 and SOCW 544 field practicum in a school social work field site under the supervision of a certified school social worker and participation in the integrative seminar experience

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