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Program Description

Master of Social Work

The Master of Social Work program helps prepare you for a life of helping others and making a difference in your community—no matter where you are by offering the program both on-campus format and online.

Social workers provide valuable help to people facing life’s problems and challenges, whether related to stress, addiction, poverty, mental illness, disability, physical illness, aging populations, divorce, abuse, discrimination, traumatic events, unemployment, military deployment or other issues.  MSW Graduates are capable of delivering social services to meet the human service needs within state, national, and global contexts, with a special focus on rural areas.

The principle of our MSW program is the improvement of the quality of individual life through the enhancement of social and economic justice and opportunity. You’ll acquire knowledge, values, and skills consistent with the social work profession and be capable of engaging in autonomous social work practice.

  • Internship opportunities through the required field practicum experiences.
  • Degree completed in 4 semesters (2 years).
  • Opportunities for international social work experience through Study Abroad Programs.
  • Small practice classes assure individual attention in skills development.

We will work with you to identify a field agency where you will gain practical experience working in your field of interest. You’ll graduate with the knowledge, training and practical experience you need to effectively practice social work.

Professional social workers can find employment in more than 50 different fields including:

  • Healthcare
  • Mental Health
  • Hospice Care
  • Traumatic Stress Events
  • Child Welfare
  • Public Welfare
  • Corrections and Criminal Justice
  • Community Development
  • International Social Work
  • Older Adults
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • School Social Work

In fact, social work is growing field according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics with a 13% job growth projection and median annual salary of $50,470.

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