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Health/Mental Health

  • National Alliance for the Mentally Ill - Grassroots, self-help organization of people with serious mental illness and their families and friends. NAMI's mission is to eradicate mental illness and to improve the quality of life for those who suffer from these no-fault brain diseases.
  • National Institute of Mental Health - Complete information on mental disorders; NIMH research activities; NIMH News and events; and grants, contracts, & communities.
  • Mental Health Association - The National Mental Health Association, through its national office and more than 300 affiliates nationwide, is dedicated to improving the mental health of all individuals and achieving victory over mental illnesses.
  • National Institutes of Health - NIH News and Events, NIH health resources, NIH's extramural research & training, and scientific resources.
  • Healthline - Bipolar Disorder Center - Healthline provides a very comprehensive overview of bipolar disorder as a critical starting point for individuals and/or their loved ones.