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International Social Work Course
Human Rights and Social Work


This course examines human rights within a social work framework from a European perspective. The European focus is on Germany although discussion about Europe generally is also an important part of the course. The course provides students with an introduction to economic and political human rights in Europe, with a United States perspective integrated into the instruction.

Field visits and course instruction illustrate human rights principles as they apply to social policies. The location of Munich adds essential context to the study of human rights, as contemporary human rights arose from the history in this part of the world. This course includes visits to the former concentration camp of Dachau and the war crimes courtroom in Nuremberg. The course addresses issues relating to the Holocaust and how the world can prevent a repeat of such atrocities. Participants have the opportunity to explore human rights that apply to their own experiences, as well as historical events.

This course is ideal for undergraduate or graduate students in social work, but would also be suitable for students and non-students interested in a general, cross-cultural introduction to human rights. The program fee is $1450 and that includes accommodation, breakfast, local transportation, including a trip to Salzburg, entrance fees and health insurance. The program fee does not include tuition (3 credit hours at SIUC) or airfare. Tuition is charged at instate SIUC rates. Non-SIUC students can usually transfer their credits to their home university into their home program. Financial aid might be available, but non-SIUC students need to contact their home university for financial aid possibilities.

For information contact: Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Reichert

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