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Spring J-Term

January 3 – January 12, 2019

Undergraduate: SOCW 478A-800   CRN# 22736            

Graduate: SOCW 578-800   CRN# 24881


Summer Intersession

May 23 – June 3, 2019

Undergraduate: SOCW 478A-800   CRN# 40289            

Graduate: SOCW 578-800   CRN# 40570


The School of Social Work of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is offering a Global Seminar based in Munich, Germany during the above date.

This course examines human rights within a social work framework, from both European and US perspectives. Field visits and course instruction focuses on political and social human rights, with an emphasis on defining human rights principles as they apply to social work.

The location of Munich, Germany highlights the importance of human rights within our current environment, as contemporary human rights arose from the history of this part of the world. Participants in the course have the opportunity to explore concepts of human rights that apply to their own experiences, as well as historical events. This course is ideal for undergraduate or graduate students and professionals interested in learning about different approaches to social problems within a human rights context.

The program fee for each of the course periods is $1,650. The program fee covers accommodation in Germany, breakfast, and course related transportation within Germany.  However, the program fee does not cover airfare to and from Germany, nor does this fee cover the cost of tuition.

The course provides three (3) hours of undergraduate or graduate credit.  The tuition cost is in addition to the program fee. Tuition at SIU is approximately $315 per credit hour for undergraduate students, and $460 for graduate students. Students outside SIUC receive the credit hours from SIUC, which then transfers the credits to their home university.  Students from outside SIUC need to make sure that their home university will accept the credits.  SIUC students often receive scholarships for part of their costs but these scholarships are not available to non-SIUC students.

Dr. Elisabeth Reichert, Professor of Social Work at SIUC and author of several books and articles on human rights, will conduct the course. For further details, please contact Dr. Reichert by email at reichert@siu.edu or contact her by telephone at 618-453-2243.