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Payment Procedure

ALL PARTICIPANTS: After submitting an online application, all participants must pay a program fee of $1,650. The program fee covers accommodation, breakfast, local transportation, course assistance, and other costs relating to the preparation and cost of carrying out of the course. However, the program fee does not cover airfare from the United States or other location for purposes of attending the course.

Payment of the program and application fee is as follows:

Each person who has submitted an online application must then submit a deposit of $150 to the SIUC International Programs Office.  This deposit counts as an initial payment towards the program fee of $1,650, leaving a balance due of $1,500.  $100 of the initial payment is refundable in full until 60 days before the beginning date of the course.  $50 of the deposit is not refundable.  Upon receipt of the deposit, the International Programs Office will verify your acceptance into the seminar.

The remaining balance of $1,500 should be paid in two separate payments with a payment of $750 due 60 days before the beginning of the course (Nov. 1) and the final payment of $750 due 30 days before the beginning of the course (Dec. 1). 

Your deposit should be in the form of a check or money order payable to SIUC, with Munich-Global Seminar in the memo line. Or, if you choose to pay by credit card, please contact Julie Rudloff at In your email to Julie, let her know you wish to pay by credit card but do not provide any credit card details in the email.  Simply provide Julie with a telephone number to reach you. Julie will contact you by telephone and then take your credit card details and process the payment. You can also contact the Study Abroad office directly at 618-453-7670.

The address to which you send the deposit/fees and application:

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
SIU-Study Abroad Programs, Germany (ATTN: Julie Rudloff)
425 Clocktower Drive, Woody Hall
MC 6885
Carbondale, IL 62901

For Credit Card payments:


REMINDER: This program fee does not include airfare or tuition. Participants are responsible for arranging their own airfare or other transportation to Munich and back to the US. Tuition is billed separately by the SIUC bursar at a date close to the beginning of the course.