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Student teacher Megan Taylor conducts class at the Giant City School.

Student Teaching

Student teaching is an integral part of initial teacher education at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.  We partner with 75 schools in 34 school districts located in 28 cities and towns within a 60 mile-radius of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  In addition, we partner with an additional 62 school districts in the suburban Chicago area.

Students are placed in a variety of public schools to ensure exposure to social-economic, racial, cultural and linguistic differences among students and teachers.  Students are placed in different school districts with teachers who vary in teaching strategies and classroom organization.  Every effort is made to secure a range of placements for each student to experience lower, middle and upper grade levels within their licensure level. Students may also be selected as year-long interns for one of our professional development schools.

For advanced educator licensure, practicum and internships are offered in partner schools according to program requirements.  At all levels, critical analysis and reflective practice are core components in preparing effective educational professionals.

The Teacher Education Program at SIU includes three fifteen-week placements prior to student teaching, and culminates in a sixteen-week placement in a school setting.