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Student Teaching Application and Instructions


  1. Open the Student Teaching Application download it and save it to your computer desktop.
  2. Next, close your web browser. (It is very important that you close your browser before opening the PDF to add your information -- if you do not close your browser prior to opening the form and filling it out, none of the data you enter will be saved.)
  3. After closing your browser, open the PDF, fill it out, and save it with the data you entered.
  4. Send the saved, completed PDF document to as an email attachment.

The best way to complete this application is to use a PC at one of our on-campus computer labs. (You can use your own personal computer to complete and submit this form, but there are sometimes compatibility issues with certain computers and operating systems that may cause the data you enter to be unreadable.)

Please do not hesitate to contact Office of Teacher Education at 618-453-6327 if you have questions?