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College of Education and Human Services

Doctoral Admission Requirements

Individuals seeking admission to the doctoral program must meet all requirements established by the:

  1. Graduate School,
  2. College of Education and Human Services, and
  3. Department of Workforce Education and Development.

Applicants should possess a background of academic and professional experience that provides a foundation for advanced study and research. Admission to the Workforce Education and Development concentration is determined by a majority vote of the Department's graduate faculty based upon the following guidelines and criteria, listed in no particular order of priority:

  • The nature and quality of previous undergraduate and graduate degrees and course work.
  • A paper prepared by the applicant concerning his/her career goals and how they relate to the doctoral program in workforce education and development.
  • The nature, quality, and variety of previous employment.
  • Letters of recommendation relative to personal, professional, and academic competence.
  • Professional promise and employment potential of the applicant.
  • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) test scores. Minimum scores required:

 Combined score for
 verbal & quantitative

 For analytical writing 

GRE 800 3.5
GRE Revised 285 3.5
GMAT 420 3.5

  • A personal interview.
  • Willingness of a qualified graduate faculty member in Workforce Education and Development to serve as the applicant's committee chair and dissertation advisor.