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Transfer Credit

All graduate credits earned by a student in good standing at an accredited university, which have not been applied toward fulfillment of requirements for another degree, are eligible for transfer to that student's degree program, subject to general limitations of Graduate School regulations, to residency requirements for doctoral degree programs, and to acceptance by the student's major department. All transfer credits are subject to final review by the graduate dean. No transfer credit will be given for work bearing a grade below B without express permission of the graduate dean in response to written petition from the student's department. No credit toward a degree may be earned by correspondence nor in extension courses at another university. In the case of a master's degree, the student must earn at least half of the credit applied toward fulfillment of degree requirements in courses offered by SIUC.

The department recommending the graduate degree shall administer all required general and final examinations, and a member of the graduate faculty at SIUC shall direct the student's master's thesis, required research paper, or doctoral dissertation.

(Source: Adapted from the 2002-2004 Graduate Catalog August 2002, 22.)