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This information pertains to graduate students who are completing requirements for the Master of Science in Education Degree with a major in Workforce Education and Development.

  • Interested students must apply and be accepted into the Graduate School. Requirements are a 2.7 GPA and a career goal congruent with WED’s program purposes. Relevant professional or technical experience (at least two years) is recommended. Bachelor’s degree must be listed on student’s transcript the term prior to admission.
  • Non-thesis option: 36 semester hours for students with bachelor’s degrees in education/training.
  • Thesis option: 32 semester hours for students with bachelor’s degrees in education/training.
  • Applicants with bachelor’s degrees in fields other than education/training must complete two foundation courses: WED 466 and WED 486. Both can be completed at Scott AFB
  • The program is completed by a combination of course deliveries: Weekend format, summer delivery at SIUC, online and optional transfer credit from a local university.
  • Class attendance for a two-week period at SIUC during first summer session is required
  • Up to three courses are offered each semester during Fall and Spring. Online courses are semester-length courses. Weekend courses are taught by an onsite instructor on alternating weekends meeting three weekends during the semester.
  • Students must have an SIUC network ID to register for courses. Registration is completed online via SalukiNet.

Students may transfer up to 15 semester hours of graduate course work from other universities. These courses must be preapproved by a representative of the Graduate Programs Office. The guidelines for this course work are:

  1. Regular graduate-level courses earned from an accredited university,
  2. Related to the student’s career goal and approved by the director of the Office of Graduate Programs,
  3. Completed for a letter grade of at least a “B”,
  4. Completed within six years of graduation, and
  5. Earned before, during or after completing the SIUC work.

Tuition/fees vary per the course delivery type. Most courses are three credit hours each. To view current tuition/fees for on campus courses, use the Tuition and Fee Calculators. A portion of the fees for on campus courses may be reimbursed if student shows comparable insurance coverage. Tuition/fees for transfer credit will depend on the University where courses are completed.