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Internship Information

What can a WED Intern do for me?

There are two types of work that WED Interns can do for participating partners:

Instructional Internship

Interns conduct training activities in the public or private sector and in adult education programs in an approved educational center.  The intern will follow the program of the on-site supervisor in both regular and extra class activities.

Professional Internship

Interns conduct research on curriculum development or program management in an approved public sector, private sector, or educational site.  The intern will work closely with the on-site supervisor to determine practices and procedures of the work environment.

Examples of Internships Projects

  • Designing & administering a GED teaching & tutorial program.
  • Writing job descriptions for compliance with external guidelines.
  • Developing & delivering custom training programs, such as enhancing employability skills, computer training, technical skills.
  • Integrating computer-based support into training & development projects.
  • Developing & managing a database to document training records.
  • Developing a training needs plan.
  • Streamlining work processes through organizational & task analysis.


"We have had nothing but good experiences with the people who have worked with us from the SIU Workforce Education & Development (WED) Degree Program.  One of our associates began taking courses through WED.  Based on her demonstrated growth in job skills, we were able to promote her from an administrative assistant into a Training Specialist role.  We have utilized two interns from the program over the past year to complete significant instructional design & development projects.   Both demonstrated a solid knowledge of the instructional design process & were able to work both independently & creatively."

Judi A. Sharp
Branch Staff Training
Edward Jones - St. Louis, Missouri

"My internship lasted about 4 months at Pfizer Pharmaceutical at the Groton Facility. Through networking with a Pfizer employee, (who was also an SIU grad), I was able to develop web-based training on a program Pfizer was using worldwide to send data back & forth between facilities.  It was a tremendously rewarding experience. Not only did I help out a major company, but the internship introduced me to executives at Pfizer who will always remember my work. In addition, the internship can be referenced on a resume much easier than a paper or other assignment.  I feel that my successful transition from military career to civilian trainer was greatly impacted by my internship. It helps to see how training is done in a different environment & helps make connections to people that can really help you during the job search."

Brian Sparks
Logistics Analyst, EG&G

"We are using interns to update specific Apprenticable occupations.  They are using the knowledge & skills learned in the WED program to provide a usable model for these occupations.  We are happy we made the decision to work with the WED program."

Don Reese, Apprenticeship and Training Representative 
US Department of Labor

 Education and Training Administration

"My internship greatly enhanced my personal & professional development through the knowledge and experience gained in an actual working environment.  I was able to integrate the skills I acquired through the WED program to the tasks in which I was involved."

Cheryl Graber, Project Coordinator
St. Louis Community College
Center for Business, Industry, and Labor
Fall, 2000 WED Graduate

"The internship experience was one of the highlights of the WED program.   The classes leading up to my internship fully prepared me to excel.  I had the opportunity to develop a test bank for a nationally known, widely used 16 chapter textbook.  The questions I developed will be published in the textbook's 4th edition which will be published in May 03.  One of my goals is to become a curriculum designer and the internship gave me the opportunity to hone and refine the necessary skills."

SMSgt Steve Skaggs, United States Air Force
Summer, 2002 WED graduate

"We are using SIU interns to develop and teach our Skilled Trades On-the-Job Instructor Training Program.  The interns were quick to answer to the call of our needs.  This program met a critical commitment to our prime regulator and customer. The program is now an ongoing program that we will integrate future SIU intern support as well as our own internal instructors.  The SIU interns were instrumental in getting this program off the ground and quickly sailing to a success story.  We will continue to call on SIU interns for future training and development needs."

Patrick J. Bullard
Chief of Training and Education
Electric Boat Corporation