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Workforce Education and Development

Off Campus and Online Degree

Get Your Degree ON YOUR TERMS with as much Flexibility and Convenience as Needed

Catapult yourself into a new job or different career path. Our Workforce Education and Development (WED) off campus and online degree program is more flexible than rubber bands! Balance work, family, or military service priorities while earning your degree with classes offered every other weekend during the semester at any of our off-campus sites in Illinois and on the East and West coast. Relax knowing that at any time, the ultimate in convenience is at your fingertips with the option of taking any of our WED courses online! Your schedule determines if you want to enroll full- or part-time.

SAVE MONEY and TIME Through Our WED Occupational Training and Development Degree Perks

Our WED Occupational Training and Development (OTD) specialization can save you money and time for individuals who have at least four or more years of experience in the workplace or you are in the military! Students may qualify for the following after taking 12 course credit hours in our program:

  • Up to 16 course credit hours for documented civilian or military work experience
  • Up to 29 course credit hours for document on-the-job or military training/certifications

If qualifying for the full course 45 credit hours noted above, this translates to approximately 3.5 semesters worth of University course credit!

Fast track degree completion in as little as 12 months through the Capstone Program IF you already completed your University Core Curriculum (UCC) courses, have documentation for the 43 semester credit hours of WED Professional Electives noted above and have obtained an A.A.S. (Associates in Applied Science).

For information outlining WED OTD course curriculum, our Trimester 36 Hour Degree Program, check out this link.