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Mission, Purpose, Goals, and Objectives


The Department of Workforce Education and Development (WED) defines its mission within the context of Southern Illinois University and the School of Education (SoE) on the SIU Carbondale campus. The Department supports the University’s mission of the "preservation, transmission and enrichment of knowledge and culture." In similar fashion, it supports the College’s mission "to provide and expand instruction, research and public service to which Southern Illinois University at Carbondale is committed."

Recognizing its responsibilities to the University and College and addressing the needs of its clientele, the mission of the WED faculty is to:

"Make available comprehensive programs in the broad area of workforce education and development. More specifically, the mission of the Workforce Education and Development faculty is to prepare WED undergraduate and graduate students for professional and leadership roles in organizations that assume the responsibility of preparing the nation’s workforce."


In support of the mission of the Department of Workforce Education and Development, the two-fold purpose of the Organizational Training and Development (OTD) undergraduate specialization is to:

  1. Prepare occupationally competent people in the areas of instruction and learning, program development and management and supervision.
  2. Articulate the undergraduate OTD course offerings with those of the WED Master’s and Doctoral programs.


The goals of the OTD faculty are to have the students:

  • Understand the concept of performance improvement and the role and responsibilities of performance improvement specialists in the workplace;
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills of performance improvement specialists;
  • Increase the students employment opportunities in the field; and
  • Establish a basis for advanced study in WED or related academic fields.


The objectives of the OTD specialization are to have the students:

  • Demonstrate written, oral, visual and computer skills in organizing and presenting thoughts and ideas as concerns the preparation, presentation and implementation of performance improvement programs and learning materials;
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of and ability to prepare curriculum, deliver instruction and assess student learning in classroom and laboratory education and training situations;
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of and ability to manage workplace education and training programs and provide leadership to individuals and groups concerned with instruction and learning; and
  • Demonstrate occupational competence by way of documented occupational training and work experience.