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University Requirements

Senior Institution

Each SIUC student must accumulate a minimum of 42 semester hours of Senior Institution credit to graduate. All credit earned in 300 and 400 level courses at SIUC, including WED 358 Work Experience and WED 359 Occupational Training (that is, training from non-accredited organizations); 300 and 400 level course and proficiency examination credit awarded by other accredited senior institutions; and subject specialized CLEP credit that equates to SIUC 300 and 400 level coursework satisfy the SIUC Senior Institution requirement.

As of June 10, 2013, WED 258 Work Experience and WED 259 Occupational Training no longer qualify for SIUC Senior Institution credit.


Residence credit is granted only for SIU courses for which a student has registered and for which a satisfactory grade has been recorded. Credit earned at either the Carbondale or Edwardsville campus qualifies for SIU residence credit. However, because WED 258, 259, 358 and 359 credit is "ungraded," it does not satisfy the SIU Residence requirement.

For campus students, the residence requirement can be satisfied in one of two ways: a total of 90 semester hours taken in any chronological order, or the last 30 semester hours completed at either SIUC or SIUE. To meet the "last 30" semester hour requirement, students must concurrently be enrolled at SIU during any semester they are enrolled at another educational institution. The number of credit hours taken at SIUC and the other institution do not have to be equal.

For students enrolled in approved SIUC off campus undergraduate degree programs, the residence requirement will be satisfied on completion of all of the courses of the specialization.