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Work Experience

Unlike WED 258, the credit awarded for WED 358 Work Experience recognizes the individual’s contribution to the organization beyond basic employment and the associated duties of the position. The recognition of the individual’s importance to the organization is reflected through promotion, in-service training, increases in supervisory and/or technical responsibilities, as well as, the number of years of continued employment. The credit is awarded for (past) work experience and satisfies the SIUC Senior Institution requirement. Neither WED 258 or WED 358 qualify for SIUC Residence credit.

The criteria for awarding WED 358 credit are as follows:

  • Minimum requirement: 15 semester hours (4000 clock hours) of credit.
  • Maximum award: 30 semester hours (8000 clock hours) of credit.
  • Work experience must correspond with student’s occupational training.
  • Verification of WED 358 credit is based on:
    1. letter(s) from an employer(s) specifying months/years of full or part-time work experience (documented);
    2. successful completion of 16 semester hours of WED 395 - Field Experience credit (supervised), or
    3. a combination of documented work experience and WED 395.
  • Documentation of WED 358 credit is submitted to the "Records and Registration" section of the SIUC. Registrar’s Office for posting on the student’s transcript.
  • Credit awarded for WED 358 will satisfy the SIUC Senior Institution requirement.

As stated in the above criteria, OTD students are required to have a minimum of 16 semester hours (4000 clock hours) of documented work experience as a part of the specialization. Up to 30 semester hours of credit (8000 clockhours) can be earned by documenting four years of full-time work experience. A student’s work experience and occupational training must be complementary to satisfy the requirement.

In the case of students who currently are or have been self-employed, letters from satisfied customers, state registration forms, tax records and other forms of business documentation would provide the necessary proof of employment.

Occupational training credit cannot be substituted for work experience nor can work experience be used to satisfy the OTD occupational training requirement. Also, past or current teaching experience of any type does not qualify for work experience credit.

Capstone Component

The 41 semester hour University Core requirement of the Regular OTD option and the 30 semester hour University Core total of the Capstone option results in a difference of 11 semester hours. This difference needs to be accounted for to meet the 120 semester hour total for graduation. The difference is accounted for by recognizing an additional 11 semester hours of occupational training credit to the required 27 semester hours.

*As June 10, 2013, credit awarded for WED 259 will not satisfy the SIUC Senior Institution requirement. In those cases where Senior Institution credit is needed by the student to meet the University requirement, the criteria established for WED 359 must be met before the credit can be awarded. WED 259 or 359 do not meet the criteria for SIUC Residence credit. WED 359 credit can be awarded for either pre-service or in-service training received by the student. The students’ occupational training must correspond to their work experience.