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Behavior Analysis and Therapy

Bachelor of Science program in behavior analysis and therapy (BAT)SIU’s Bachelor of Science program in behavior analysis and therapy offers a degree that is in demand and the opportunity to help people in need.  

The program, which is one of only two in the country, gives students the tools to work with those with intellectual disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, autism, the elderly and more. The curriculum emphasizes the assessment and measurement of behavior, the use of single-system research methodology to evaluate the efficacy of behavioral interventions and the application of behavioral principles to a wide variety of clinical and social problems.

Behavior analysis is experiencing a surge in popularity. The demand is driven by the need for human services for those with severe disabilities in integrated community settings. With people with severe disabilities living and working in community settings alongside those without disabilities, the need for bachelor’s-level human service personnel with specialized training in behavior analysis is great.

Plus, students in the program have an opportunity for immediate employment in day treatment and residential programs for individuals with disabilities and their families.

GPA Requirements: 

2.5 in the major
2.5 overall


SIUC's undergraduate major in Behavior Analysis and Therapy is coursework-approved by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. This means that graduates of the program will have completed the required courses to sit for the national exam required to become a BCaBA. However, our major does NOT provide the supervised clinical hours necessary for graduates of the program to be eligible to take the exam. For more information on the supervised clinical hours required for BCaBA certification, you may visit the website for the Behavior Analysis Certification Board, at: