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Admission to the University

New students should apply through SIU Undergraduate Admissions. If you have previously attended SIU, we have your original records and your SIU work on file. Please follow the admission instructions for returning students.

Readmission Process

If you have attended other institutions since your previous enrollment at Southern Illinois University Carbondale you must submit an official transcript from each institution before you can be considered for readmission. An overall C average (2.0 on 4.0 scale) as calculated according to SIUC grading policies and procedures and based on all post-secondary institutions attended since previous SIUC enrollment is required for readmission consideration.

In addition, a student who has a financial obligation to the University must clear this hold before being considered for readmission. Students who were suspended for scholastic or disciplinary reasons during their previous enrollment at the University must be approved for readmission by the appropriate academic dean or the Office of Judicial Affairs before they can be readmitted to the University.

It is advisable for former students to initiate the readmission process with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions early. This permits students to complete any special requirements that may be imposed upon them. Further information for returning student (including a link to the readmission application) may be found at Undergraduate Admissions.