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Workforce Education and Development is one of the largest academic programs of its kind in the United States, enrolling 1,000 students at 15 locations and has proudly graduated over 18,000 military personnel and civilians. Any individual who is qualified for admission to a post-secondary institution and has at least two years work experience in an occupational specialty or career field is qualified to begin studies toward a Bachelor of Science degree in Workforce Education and Development. Opportunity for full-time or part-time enrollment is available. Based upon how much community college, military experience, and other experiential credit a student has completed upon admission, it is possible to earn the degree by completion of one year's full time work in the WED major.

Effective Summer Semester 2015, the Education Training and Development area of specialization will now be known as Organizational Training and Development. All requirements to complete the undergraduate degree will remain the same.

On the Carbondale campus, students may specialize in Organizational Training and Development.

Admission to the Career and Technical Education Teacher Licensure Program has been suspended at the current time. No student will be admitted or enrolled in the program as of March 29, 2016. Please call Workforce Education and Development at 618-453-3321 for more information.

Off Campus Degree Program

In addition to on campus and regional off campus options, those outside of Southern Illinois have the opportunity to earn a WED degree through the Off Campus Degree Program (OCDP)

The program delivered off campus is essentially the same as that offered on the SIUC campus. It is altered in format so that classes will not interfere with civilian, civil service and active duty military personnel schedules. Coordinated by a full-time, on-site faculty member, courses are taught by on-site representatives, campus faculty who travel or the weekend classes, or adjunct faculty from the surrounding area. Although the format of the courses was developed to meet the needs of active-duty military personnel, most students who work full-time also find it convenient.

Online Degree Program

Earn your WED bachelor's degree virtually without stepping foot in a classroom. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection. To learn more about the WED Online Program, click here.