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Illinois Center for Autism

The Illinois Center for Autism (ICA) provides students with an excellent real world experience working with children and adults with autism. Established in 1977, ICA has 35 years of experience serving individuals with autism in a variety of settings. The center has two day service locations serving children in an educational setting as well two satellite locations, Pasta Fare and Petals Remembered, employing adults with autism. Students of Behavior Analysis and Therapy program at SIU are provided with an opportunity to get hands on experience implementing the principles and procedures of Behavior Analysis to affect a change in the lives of individuals with autism. From direct care of individuals with autism to helping to write interventions geared at decreasing problem behavior and increasing educational, vocational, or daily living skills, students are able to enrich their understanding of both autism and behavior analysis, and work with a knowledgeable and helpful staff with 35 years of experience serving individuals with autism at ICA.