Dr. Richard C. McKinnies

Southern Illinois University



Educational Administration and Higher Education

Dr. Richard C. McKinnies

May 06, 2020


Dr. Richard C. McKinnies

I am a certified Radiographer, Radiation Therapist, and Medical Dosimetrist. I have been teaching for about 14 years as an Associate Professor at SIU in the Radiological Sciences program and for the last five years I have been the Program Director.

I learned a lot about perseverance and what it means to stay focused. While earning your graduate degree you have to take one day at a time and it does no good to stress about the things to come. I remember someone asking me one time when I was worried about a very large task ahead of me “how do you eat an elephant”? The answer, “one bite at a time”. This resonated for me during the program; you have a lot you must accomplish, but you have to take it one day at a time, planning for what is to come, but not fretting about what is ahead of you, and completing the tasks at hand.

I plan to keep teaching at SIU in my current role and pursue new opportunities as they are presented. I plan to spend a lot of time with my family, relaxing, and enjoying my free time.


I want to thank my wife, Jennifer, for her love, support, and patience through this process. I would also like to thank my kids, Brayden, Aubrey, Maddie, Paige, and Avery, as they have been very understanding and supportive through it all. A special thank you two people who have supported me through all of my education experiences, Dad and Mom. Your love and support is a lot of the reason I am who I am today. Thank you all for everything you do, you will never truly understand how much I appreciate it.