Principal Preparation Admission Requirements | EAHE | SIU

Southern Illinois University



College of Education and Human Services

Admission Requirements


All applicants are required to submit the following documents before advancing to Part 2.

  • A completed SIUC Carbondale Graduate School Application
  • A completed Educational Administration and Higher Education Department Application
  • Official copies of all undergraduate college transcripts except SIU Carbondale
  • A minimum of 2.7 undergraduate grade point average calculated for the last 60 hours of the bachelor’s degree
  • A copy of a valid and current Illinois Professional Educator License
  • Documentation of at least two years of experience, either teaching or service, on school district letter head
  • A copy of the results of the Illinois Basic Skills Test OR Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) indicating a passing score 
  • Three professional letters of recommendation, from supervisors, that evaluate applicant’s teaching abilities, and confirm applicant’s ability to improve students’ academic growth

PART 2 - PORTFOLIO (for more information)
Each applicant is required to create and submit a portfolio of evidence that includes a detailed resume and demonstrates his/her proficiency as a teacher in five different categories:

  • Category 1: Leadership Roles
  • Category 2: Family and Community
  • Category 3: Curriculum and Instruction
  • Category 4: Data Analysis
  • Category 5: Effective Instruction Supporting Student Achievement

Note: All applicants who submit the required documentation (Stage 1-Part 1), and achieve a passing score on their portfolio (Stage 1-Part 2) will advance to Stage 2.

Applicants will complete on-site writing samples at a designated location. They will have one hour to review a leadership scenario and answer questions related to the scenario in the form of a written essay.

Each applicant will meet with a four-member interview panel to discuss the content of his/her portfolio and respond to questions designed to determine his/her readiness to successfully complete the principal preparation program. The interview will last approximately 20-40 minutes.


Application for Admission to Graduate Study.