Principal Preparation Degree Requirements | EAHE | SIU

Southern Illinois University



College of Education and Human Services

Degree Requirements

SIU Carbondale’s Master of Science in Educational Administration with Principal Endorsement Program (36 hours)

The program consists of five semesters of coursework followed by three semesters of internship.

Leading Professional and Student Learning (12 hours)

  • EAHE 501 Vision and Planning for School Improvement (3)
  • EAHE 504 School Leadership through Personnel Evaluation (3)
  • EAHE 511 Leading Curriculum and Assessment (3)
  • EAHE 548 Developing Professionals & The Inquiry of Professional Practice (3)

Effectively Managing the Changing Organization (12 Hours)

  • EAHE 503 Building Collaborative Structures & Systems of Professional Practice (3)
  • EAHE 509 School Community Relations, District Policy (3)
  • EAHE 519 School Law & Educational Policy (3)
  • EAHE 523 Effective Management & Operations: Finance, Facilities, Technology Budgeting, and Grant Writing (3)

Building Equitable, Inclusive, and Socially Just Communities (6 hours)

  • EAHE 521 Leadership for Equity: Special Populations (3)
  • EAHE 538 Education, Policy, and Social Forces (3)
  • EAHE 595 Principal Internship (6 hours)

The Principal Internship is a substantial, sustained, continuous, structured, and supervised learning opportunity during which practicing principals (candidates/interns) observe firsthand the role and function of the school principal. The internship experience provides school-based field experiences and clinical internship practice within a school setting for a minimum of 2 semesters to a maximum of 24 months. A University program faculty supervisor collaborates with each candidate/intern to select a qualified 0n-site mentor for the internship experience.

“Leadership for Social Justice, Organizational Change, and Research-Based Decisions”